请记住本站地址:http://www.601524.com 幼稚园教师汪小云在一个晚上出外看戏消遗,看完戏后碰上打劫银行携着四千万赃款逃走的重伤劫匪阿B,她被挟持到夜店,在一间夜店中她和售货员玲玲等和阿B发生纠缠,阿B后来伤重死去。 小云,玲玲和师姐,在玲玲表姊小倩的指挥下,企图毁尸灭迹,平分赃款。岂料劫匪同当党追踪而至,贼首大哥等对她们企图先奸后杀,幸得警察把他们及时救出。 在围捕中,几经艰险才把全部匪徒逮住,四千万赃款则在围捕中被炸药炸毁了。 Upon entering a 24 hour convenience store, a criminal with a lonesome primary-school teacher as hostage is accidentally killed by her and the youthful attendant in their hilarious struggle to subdue him. The two soon discover a stash of money on the man's person and along with another customer - an attractive model - they decide to cover up any evidence of the man's visit in a pact to split the money between themselves. The group's seemingly full-proof plans are confounded by the vengeful acts of the money's rightful owner and a set of persistent, yet stupid and often comical policeman who hang around 'pursuing' the women. 分享本页地址给更多朋友:http://www.601524.com/vpf/02151034.html